Today, let me help you with 5 exercises you can do anywhere! Check back next week for 5 more!


1. Arm Circles

Biggest Benefit: Loosens shoulders

Arm circles are a great pre-workout exercise before you start doing more intense bodywork. It’s an important and easy warm-up and loosens up your shoulders which often hold a lot of tension!

How to do arm circles:

While standing, extend your arms parallel to the floor.

Make small circles with your arms.

Complete 10 rotations and reverse the circles.

Switch between small and large circular motions.

Beginner tip: Move slowly when doing these movements. Tighten your core and pay attention to the full range of motion.


2. Pushups

Biggest Benefit: Strengthens upper body

There are several types of pushups you can do (arms wide, elbows in, knees down,etc.). Remember, your form is more important than your speed. It’s also critical to breathe in while lowering your body and breathe out when pushing up.

How to do a push-up:

Get down on all fours.

Place your hands slightly wider than your shoulders before straightening arms.

Lower your body to the ground, but don’t let your chest touch the ground.

Pause before pushing your body back up.

Beginner tip: Form is everything with pushups. You can start on your knees and work your way up from there once you’ve built upper body strength.


3. Squats

Biggest Benefit: Strengthens the lower body

After a day of squats, you’ll be sore! However, this lower body exercise is excellent for strengthening your legs and glutes.

How to do a squat:

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.

Point toes outward by about 15-degrees.

Bend and lower your bottom toward the floor.

Keep your core engaged and back straight.

Return to a standing position while squeezing glutes.


Beginner tip: You can start with a chair behind you to perfect your form. Don’t actually sit down on it, just barely touch it with your bottom, and stand back up.


4. Forearm Plank

Biggest Benefit: Overall exercise but mainly core

The forearm plank is effective because it works your entire body all at once. This one is perfect for overall strength, but especially for those looking for core stability. There are several variations of the plank that include a variety of challenges, but in this case, we’re covering the forearm plank.

How to do a plank:

Place your forearms on the floor.

Elbows should be aligned with your shoulders.

Arms will be parallel to your body at shoulder width.

Hold the position while staring at a spot on the floor.

Keep your core engaged to protect your lower back.

Hold for 20 seconds, if possible.

Breathe and repeat!

Beginner tip: Keep your back flat and don’t drop your head. You want everything in-line from head to bottom.


5. Mountain Climbers

Biggest Benefit: A full-body workout to increase heart rate

This exercise is a favorite for boot camp instructors to give new recruits. That’s because it combines cardio and strengthening all into one workout. If you only have a few minutes to burn calories, make this your go-to exercise after a light warm-up. It’s basically like “running” while in a plank position.

How to do mountain climbers:

Start in a full plank position.

Pull your right knee up to your chest, then switch to the left quickly.

Keep your abs tight.

Be sure your spine is straight as you move quicker.

Beginner tip: At the same time, you push one leg back, then the other one will come up to your chest. Imagine you’re doing a “running” motion at an angle.


Let me know if you have questions or need a demonstration!