In this blog the focus is on dogs – man’s (and woman’s) best friend. However, don’t worry, other animals can boost your health, too!

Increase your “healthy years”. Though we all have our days numbered in our lifespan, those that are spent in good health are up to us! Studies have shown that having a pet, specifically a dog, increases a person’s healthy years by several years.

Keep you active. Similar to how it is when raising a child, we tend to pay attention to the personal needs of someone other than ourselves. As a pet owner – you know what to feed your pet, negative signs about their health, their favorite toy, and when they are ready for a walk. If they need a walk – guess who else gets to take a walk – YOU! 🙂

Lower your blood pressure. Pets help to calm their owners down which allows a person to have a lower heart rate and blood pressure. This calming effect is because we view our pets as supportive parts of our lives, similar to friends and spouses.

Counteract loneliness.  When a person feels isolated, they may also feel extremely lonely. Having a dog — an animal friend and companion — can make a big difference in the life of those who feel very alone. A live-in best friend!

Makes it easier to meet people. Dogs are more than four-legged friends. They can also help you make human friends! Pets can spark several different kinds of social interaction, such as neighborhood run-ins (when your dog wants to meet another dog) or a meet up at the dog groomers.

Hey and maybe a significant other! Studies show that it is very common for people to attract others when a dog is present. It is not one of the primary benefits of having a dog, but if you’re single, a pet is a great way to break the ice with new people. It could show potential partners you are loving, responsible, and caring.

Boost your playfulness. Dogs can help promote a sense of play for those who tend to be more serious-minded. Whether it is playing catch and fetch or laughing at your dog’s silly behaviors – this adds a sense of child-like fun back into your day.

Provide unconditional love.  A relationship with a dog is unconditional in all aspects. Free of any negativity, expectations, and disappointments that often make human relationships rather challenging. A dog can love like no one else!

Lower your stress and anxiety. Petting a dog (or a cat) for just 10 minutes can be enough to lower your stress levels! Looking a pet in the eyes can help as well. This can lower anxiety levels and even slow your heart rate for the owner and the dog!

Help you maintain or lose weight. Movement isn’t all about weight loss but being more active sure can help lose a couple pounds! Taking your dog for a walk or a jog not only helps the dog but can help a person to remain consistent in their workout routine.