Do you feel tight or stiff at the end of the day? This discomfort may be from sitting too much during the work day. Try these simple stretches every hour or so to keep your muscles from getting too stiff.

The image is just for a laugh… do not try this at work or home!



Here are a few real examples of stretches you can do whether you are in the home office or working from your own home!

Standing Cat-Camel

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent

Lean forward to place your hands just above your knees

Alternate rounding and arching your back (curve the shoulders forward and back at the same time)


Standing Toe Touch

Stand and keep legs straight but knees unlocked

Bend from the hips and reach for your toes

Hold for several seconds



Seated Spine Twist

Sit on the ground and place legs directly in front of you

Bend your right knee and place right foot on outside of left thigh

Keep left leg straight

Place left elbow on outside of right knee

Reach your right hand behind you and look over right shoulder

Switch legs and repeat other side

Do both sides several times

Cross Body Arm Stretch

Cross one arm over the body to touch the opposite shoulder

Use the other arm to deepen the stretch

Reverse and repeat

Side Stretch

Sitting or standing, reach both arms straight up, grab the left wrist with the right hand

Lean up and out to the right, pulling gently on the left wrist

Reverse and repeat

Sitting Hamstring Stretch

Straighten your legs

Fold your body towards your toes while keeping your back straight

Count to 10 or 15

Slowly roll back up