This week we are featuring an employee – Haley Laurence! Haley works in Marketing as a Digital Marketing Specialist and has been with the company for 3 years!  Read through what she had to say about her current wellness journey in our question and answer session.


What is your motivation in your wellness journey?

Primarily – it is about feeling good! When I first started working out, I experienced better sleep, more energy, less headaches, better digestion, less anxiety, and things like that. The more I worked out and ate nutritious food, the better I felt – and that feeling is addicting!

What is your weekly exercise routine?

I workout for 40-60 minutes every weekday during lunch. I alternate between weightlifting, HIIT, yoga, and cardio. Saturday is more of a rest day and Sunday is a day to launch back into the week with an afternoon cardio workout.

What has been the best part of this journey?

Finally seeing results! After years of just working out and ignoring my diet, I finally started eating the right amount and the results finally happened!

What do you find is a daily struggle?

Instead of daily struggles, I tend to find more of struggles that come in a cycle – so in times when I’m not seeing results, I’ll slack off on my diet and that comes every few weeks or so.

What is your favorite part about exercise?

I’m an 8 on the enneagram which basically means that I have a lot of energy and I like doing physical things that release that energy. I feel like when I’m working out, I can be myself because I can be as competitive and intense as I want to be.

Where are you currently seeing success?

Weight loss and fat loss because of my diet!

What are you the most proud of?

Learning how to say “no” to certain foods and learning how to enjoy things but eat less (Like half a piece of cheesecake instead of a whole piece!).

If someone wanted to start their own journey – how would you encourage them?

Try yoga as a beginner exercise. It’s usually not high impact but can still make you sore the next day. Yoga incorporates good posture and good breathing which will help with all exercises and helps with everything from anxiety to headaches, to digestion! It is so efficient because yoga is not only a workout, but it is also a way to de-stress. This can help calm your mind and help you get closer to God as you meditate on Scripture. Check out my favorite yoga YouTube instructor!



If you are ready to begin your wellness journey and are needing some help – let me know! I would love to walk beside you as you take a step toward a healthier YOU!