Have you ever seen the BOSU pods or the BOSU ball in the DIG Wellness Center? Are you wanting to try something new in your workout or switch it up completely!? Check out these basic moves below and if you are up for the challenge incorporate them into your next workout.


We have 12 pods available in blue and grey, located in the top shelf – closest to the DWC glass door.

We have 1 ball available in blue, located between the Assisted Squat Rack (Smith Machine) and the colorful Body Pump weight rack.


Bosu Pods – Try out your current dumbbell moves while balancing on the pods. (Ex: Bicep Curls, Upright Row)

Whether you are stepping toward a pod before a move (forward lunge) or standing on the pod for balance (standard squat), notice the balanced focus you have on the pods. Remember to always tighten your core.

Alternate using the pods with your heels up or with your toes up on the pod during different moves to work your calves.

Challenge: Try one of the two pictures with the pods below!



Bosu Ball Try out your current dumbbell moves while balancing on the ball. (More Ex: Goblet Squat, Tricep Extension)

Spice up your cardio moves with the ball as well.

This ball can be flipped over to use for exercises like planks, pushups, and even ab work!

Challenge: Try one of the three pictures with the ball below!


Needing a full BOSU workout – just let me know!