Are you experiencing any hip pain? Hip pain is a common problem for sedentary and non-sedentary individuals! Chronic pain is a sign that there is irritation or injury at a site.


Here are three common causes of hip pain:

Chronic Sitting:

Think about how often you sit at your desk or on your couch when you are home. The average American sits 13 hours a day! This amount of inactivity causes an imbalance of the muscles in the hip. The hip flexors remain in a shortened position, while the glutes and deep hip rotators remain in a lengthened position.  This tissue lacks the flexibility to allow for smooth movement. This causes a person to be more susceptible to injury.

Strength Imbalance:

A strength imbalance occurs most often when a person’s workout routine is consistently the same. Runners are an excellent example of this type of athlete. The repetition of the same movement without variation builds strength in some muscles, while neglecting others. This imbalance puts an unnatural amount of strain on those muscles, resulting in overuse injury. If you are not active at all, think through the movements you most often make in a given day – always carrying large items with one side of the body. You may experience a strength imbalance in this area and not even realize it.

Skeletal Imbalance:

This type of  imbalance refers to the uneven movement pattern that many people demonstrate. This can be caused by old injuries and leg-length discrepancies. When movements are not even or balanced bilaterally, one side will be the victim of additional pressure and then resulting in being overworked.


Do you think you fall into one of these categories? Check back next week for the blog focused on common fixes for hip pain!