After discussing common causes of hip pain last week, let’s take a look at some of the fixes for hip pain:



Fix: Mobility

The best fix for immobility is mobility. Focus on improving your range of motion in the hip flexors and rotators with gentle dynamic movement. What does this look like? Add some body weight squats or constant lunges to your warm up. Check out the chart below to see options based on your current condition.



 Squat Option

Lunge Option

Deep Hip Opener

Healthy and strong

Wide, deep squat

Walking lunges with proper form

Walking lunge with side rotation

Healthy intermediate

Wide squat

Walking lunges with proper form or static lunge

TRX deep squats

New or older exerciser

TRX squat, standard squat

Modified static lunges

Body weight deadlift

Injured exerciser

Pain-free: TRX squat, standard squat

Pain-free: Modified static lunges

Pain-free: Body weight deadlift



Fix: Elasticity

Improving the elasticity of the hip tissue is achieved through a combination of homework and loaded movement training. A few hours of movement each week is not enough to undo 100+ hours of inactivity each week—you must choose to move more often to undo all these hours. If you are struggling in this area – here is a challenge for you:


     Static stretch shortened muscle tissue for at least two minutes, at least once daily.


     Stand up and perform 10 body weight squats or chair sits every hour to get the muscles working and moving. Think of the desk exercise concept!


     Drink water all day! If you are well-hydrated, the hourly movement will pull water into the muscles, turning the tight tissue back into elastic tissue.


Fix: Strength

Never underestimate the importance of your strength. Improving the overall strength in your hips with deadlifts and squats can be a great contributor to regaining balance and achieving strength balance. Be sure to complete all strength movements while being pain-free. If there is pain – STOP! You will eventually build more strength in squats and deadlifts over time, don’t try to do it all in one sitting.


Needing help with your hip pain? Let me know and we can see if personal training is an area that can benefit you!