On the road often and needing a little bit of exercise?! Check out the second of three blogs featuring a short and sweet workout that can be completed in your own hotel room!


If your hotel has a weight room – great! Add some weights and do the same workout below. If the hotel does not have a space – create your own space inside your room!

Once you are ready for the workout, set yourself a timer (watch/laptop) for 15 minutes and complete as many full circuits as possible in that time frame. Focus on the correct form for each repetition. Try to move from each exercise to the next without stopping.


*A full circuit is the completion of all 4 exercises below… this is often called a set as well. Each circuit can take between 2-3 minutes.. so complete as many circuits as you can in the total 15 minutes!


Let’s do this!

Sumo Squats: 25 reps – Feet wider than shoulder width, toes pointed outward at a 45° angle. Standing and then sitting down to a squat position, use the bed if support is needed at the bottom of the squat. Want to make it more challenging… hold your luggage above your head for an overhead sumo squat.

Mountain Climbers: 20 reps each leg (40 total) – Starting in plank position, bring your right foot up near your right hand, then switch your legs in a smooth motion. Alternating back and forth with the legs, counting each movement as one. Want to make it more challenging… go as fast as you can while remaining in control.

Jumping Jacks: 10 reps – Want to make it more challenging… make it a drop jack and touch the floor (in a squat like movement) between each jumping jack.

Russian Twists: 15 reps – Sitting on your hind end with your knees bent and heels up, move your hands back and forth from one side of your hip to the other, twisting your core. Want to make it more challenging… go as fast as you can while remaining in control and/or straighten your legs.



*As always if any assistance is needed – please reach out and let me know!