It is a new week for our MENTAL HEALTH focus in MAY! If you have not found all 10 Mindfulness in May activities, continue to move throughout the DIG building or reach out to me to get a map of each location! The map also provides a checklist of the 10 stations so that you can be sure to visit each one during the month of May.

Let’s continue “checking in” on ourselves with three more ways to self assess what is going on with our Mental Health. The first 3 can be found here on the blog from last week.


4. Check in on your habits and behaviors.

Are the things you do or the way you act lining up with your personal goals? Your values? The priorities you have in your life? If you are striving to reach a big goal, do the activities you participate in hinder or help you? Are your daily decisions pulling you away from reaching smaller milestones? Are you walking what you are talking? Do you always have an excuse? Is your routine off?  Do you have new behaviors in your life? Are these helpful or hurtful?

5.  Evaluate your physical health.

Poor physical health can lead to poor mental health, and poor mental health can lead to poor physical health. Like I mentioned last week, these two areas are connected. Are you feeling “good” on a day-to-day basis or are you low in energy? Are you eating well? Are you eating healthy options? How is your digestion? When was the last time you went in for a yearly checkup? Eye exam? Dental visit? Are you neglecting a nagging health concern? Have you noticed a change in your skin, more frequent headaches, or sudden loss of sleep?

6.  Think about your spiritual life.

Are you connected to a faith-based family? Are you surrounded by loved ones who pray for you, pray over you, and pray with you? How is your personal prayer life? Are you spending time in silence listening? Are you pushing anything to the side that keeps coming up? When was the last time you served with an organization or helped someone? Do you have hard faith based questions you want answered? Are you actively seeking growth in your personal walk?


Check back next week for ways to protect our Mental Health. If you need anything – please reach out to me.