As we continue with Mental Health Month, I want you to have some quick simple ways to protect your own Mental Health! Today will be the first six quick tips for you to use, check back in the next month or so for six more!


Get to sleep – Sleep allows your body to repair, boosts your immune system, and gives you the much-needed energy recharge for a new day. If you are struggling to get sleep, reach out… I would love to share with you some tips or past blogs on this issue.

Exercise – Whether it is Yoga or walking your dog, get your body moving. Make it a goal to move daily, even if it only for 10 minutes. Exercise boosts your mood, is a great stress buster, and is great for the mental/physical health connection. If you are needing accountability with this… our Live Fit Challenge begins in June!

Take time off when you need it – Burnout leads to more stress and anxiety. Don’t be afraid to take time off when you begin to see you are in need. Time off may mean a 15-minute break or half a day off… listen to your body. Recognize it and take action, we cannot pour from an empty cup!

Talk to a professional – Therapy can help you in multiple different ways. Unbiased support and help from a professional can improve any symptoms of depression or anxiety, promote positive self-esteem, support healthy relationships, and heal past traumas.

Meditate – Though it will look different for each person, find 5 minutes a day for yourself. Focus your thoughts on affirmations or sit in silence in order to be present during those minutes.

Set healthy boundaries – Be mindful of taking care of yourself and those you love. Say “no” when you have enough on your plate and be willing to set healthy boundaries in relationships.