Fall is here Y’all!

Check out a few specific ways to take care of your health during this season!


Get more Vitamin D – As the weather gets colder, consider the lack of sunshine that can cause your vitamin D levels to go down. If you don’t feel like you consume enough through food intake (soy milk, yogurt, certain cereals, orange juice), you may need to look into taking a vitamin D supplement.

Consider getting your Flu Shot – If you haven’t already, you can get with Jennifer to get your Flu shot during this season.

Moisturize your skin – As the humidity levels lower and our skin responds to the natural moisture being removed, you may experience dry/bleeding/cracked skin. Apply lotion after showers and throughout the day to help prevent your skin from becoming painfully dry.

Consume healthy fall foods – Eat plenty of veggies that can also be added to soups later! Try to eat more pumpkin and squash. Roast, steam, or bake your favorite vegetables for a colorful and healthy plate. Try healthy crock pot meals that will be ready when you get home and warm your belly!

Take time for self-care – With the busy holiday season approaching, make sure you are taking care of yourself. This might look like alone time to read or taking a day off to tackle a task or two that has been causing you personal stress. Call your best friend or spend some time getting a massage.

Spend time outdoors – With this amazing weather, find time to enjoy activities outdoors. Try an outdoor workout or an activity like hiking, biking, or going on a camping trip! Soak in the fresh fall air.