A series of questions I am approached with on a daily basis stem around weight loss. Generally speaking, it is asked like this… “How can I lose weight?” “What can I do to start losing weight?” ‘Why is it so hard to stick with something to then see weight loss results?” So, with that being said, I want to encourage you! You are not alone in asking this, it is a very common question. And with that… I want to share some tips over a series of two blogs for you to try to add to your daily habits to spur on those results.


Today I will start with the three most important tips:

Get a workout in. Sounds simple and it can be! We tend to make it hard by arguing with our self about what a “workout” is. A workout is moving your body with intention to burn calories, get your blood pumping, and exercise your muscles. A basic workout may include a brisk walk everyday working toward your 150 minutes a week or it may include lifting weights (even body weight) to strengthen your major muscle groups. Find something you can manage doing regularly and you can enjoy! Working toward weight loss can start with simply moving your body.

Drink your water. Sounds simple and it can be! Fun fact for weight loss… increasing your water intake can help to increase your metabolism. The higher your metabolism, the better chances at successful weight loss. Choosing to drink two additional cups of water a day is a small change you can begin to make to gradually get to what your body truly needs. No matter where you are with your water intake, the goal will eventually be to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day. Working toward weight loss can start with simply hydrating your body.

Be mindful of your eating. This one may not be as simple… but YOU can do anything! I won’t even start with “what” you are eating, but instead the “how” and “why” of things you may be eating. When you are about to eat – ask yourself — how will this food make me feel? Are these choices supporting my weight loss goals? Will this meal nourish my body or make me feel sluggish? Why do I want this particular food? Thinking through these questions can make or break your decision to just taste it, eat the correct portions, or overindulge in the food in front of you. Working toward weight loss can start with simply thinking through what you are putting in your body.