Sitting for extended periods of time, consistently, can put excessive pressure on your spine and be the cause of major back pain. I’d encourage you to consider the benefits of using your desk to stand while working.

The Mayo Clinic specifically warns against excessive sitting and the connection it has to health issues like high blood pressure and the addition of excess visceral fat around abdominal organs.

Here at DIG in the Home Office, we have graciously been provided standing desks. Let’s look at the biggest perks of using a standing desk:

Lowers risk of shoulder and back pain – Sitting for long periods of time tends to lead to slouching which leads to back pain and muscle fatigue. This means there is ongoing, low-level stress on the body with improper positioning that leads to bigger injuries later down the road that may require the use of physical therapy or even surgery.

Improves productivity and reduces health issues – Studies have shown that workers with sit-stand desks tend to be more engaged in their work and have less minor musculoskeletal issues. Another study, published by JAMA Cardiology found that those who sit more often are cited as having a greater risk of health complications.

Increases blood circulation – Sitting isn’t the best position to keep your blood circulating. Proper blood circulation keeps fresh blood going to cells to keep the brain sharp and the heart healthy. Poor circulation can lead to fatigue. To reduce the risk of blood clots and improve circulation, focus on standing while at work at least two hours daily.

Improves posture – Standing straight and tall while keeping your feet shoulder-width apart ensures proper posture. It is much easier to keep a proper posture while standing than it is in a sitting position. *Bonus tip: If you stagger your stance while standing, this can also help with any pelvic tilt issues that you may have.


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