Have you ever heard of foam rolling? If you have, have you ever tried it? Did you know our DWC gym has five foam rollers in the back corner of the gym that are great for muscle stiffness, soreness, and inflammation that you may be experiencing! Rolling regularly can also help with your overall range of motion, aid in relaxation, and increase blood flow to your muscles.

Foam rolling is considered a self-myofascial release (SMR) technique. This means that as you use a foam roller over specific areas, you are able to help manage your pain or discomfort through the application of pressure to the tight or sore areas, thus causing them to relax!

Important side note: Do not use the foam rollers on your joints! Static positioning does not include movement along the joint.

As you sit at your desk for 8 hours a day, consider the position your muscles are locked in day in and day out. This position causes your muscles to remain in the same position and become tighter as the weeks go by. This is also another good reason to alternate the time you spend sitting and standing at your desk!

Using the image below, I would challenge you to visit the DWC gym on your break today to release some tension and relax those muscles! Try out one or two of the suggested rolling positions from the image when you stop by. As always, if you need help – let me know! Look for the 5-minute Injury Prevention challenge that will be sent out for next week with a focus on foam rolling!